Looking for a new website?

With years of experience and numerous websites completed for local businesses in Limavady and Derry, ViperDesigns can provide you with the assistance you need when starting up your own 'web presence'.

The focus of ViperDesigns is to provide a high quality solution for your design needs, whether it be web related, digital design or to create graphics ready for print.

Have a look through the portfolio for samples and companies that we have worked with. Feel free to contact with any queries.

Web Development

Web Design

Web designs vary depending on the needs of each client. Viper Designs can create websites to the specification of the client to fulfill their aims and provide exactly what they want delivered to the public. The price of websites also vary upon this content and the services needed.

A low costing website may just be the ideal solution for you or your business which will basically get you a web presence to provide company information and contact details. It includes email services such as having your own company address (e.g. someone@yourwebsite.co.uk), domain name registration and web hosting which are all basic elements that are needed to get your site up and running.

Further up the web design ladder comes websites with more content specific information to display, which results in a bulkier website and a more thorough design. Viper Designs will converse with the client throughout the design process to make sure all the clients' requirements and expectations are met. Websites for small businesses can be hugely beneficial and a number of local companies have already taken the initiative to get a web presence set up by us.

Please don't hesitate to call if you have any queries


Web Hosting

Viper Designs handle every aspect of having a web presence, thus including web hosting in the final price of the package. Web hosting will last for one year exactly from the date your website is finished and online. Thereafter a small yearly charge to keep the service running will incur. Also, websites can be removed from the web at any time with the clients request.


Email Hosting

Domain Name Registration

Do you need a domain name for your company or for yourself? Then Viper Designs can help. We can reserve a domain name (www.yourwebsite.com/.co.uk/.org...etc) for you if you are interested in creating a website at the present time or in the future. Having your domain name reserved is cheap and prevents someone else from 'stealing' the name that you wanted. Depending on the popularity of the website name you are looking for, it can sometimes be a problem getting a dot com or a dot uk, resulting most possibly in a variation of the desired name. We will look around to get you the closest match and something you will be happy with.

Viper Designs include domain name registration in the price of a new website design package. Domain name registration lasts for a total of 2 years with the option to extend it for a further year or more.